What We Do

Requirements for cannabis and hemp businesses vary greatly by state, size, and type of operation.  Cannabis operators face insuring challenges based on these variances.  As specialists in cannabis and hemp insurance, we understand the unique needs of cannabis related businesses across the country.

We provide our clients both risk management guidance and insurance options to help them instill standard operating procedures and safety guidelines that help them mitigate risk and reduce their insurance premiums.  By taking time to educate our clients while aggregating their data on our digital platform, our clients enjoy peace of mind, cost savings, and operational success.

When a loss does occur, we are advocates for our clients to ensure they receive prompt and fair claim settlement.

Basic coverages that we encourage clients to consider include:


Bonds are required in certain states, businesses must post a marijuana bond before they can legally operate a medical marijuana or retail marijuana dispensary, testing lab, pharmacy, or cultivation or processing facility. Businesses that transport marijuana-related products may also be required to post a bond.  If your firm offers a 401(k) program, an ERISA bond is required.  Through our convenient online portal, we can meet Bond needs.  CLICK HERE to get started.

Builders Risk Insurance Icon

Builders Risk insurance is a specialized type of property insurance that helps protect buildings under construction. It’s essential in helping protect construction projects including materials, supplies, equipment, and additional expenses that may be incurred due to construction delays.

car image for commercial auto insurance

Business Automobile insurance - If you or your employees use a vehicle for business purposes, such as transporting cannabis, tools or supplies, you need commercial auto insurance. Personal car insurance won’t cover business use.

Money bag symbol for business income insurance

Business Income and Extra Expense insurance helps to replace lost business income and cover some operating expenses if you are unable to open your business on a temporary basis due to a loss covered by the policy, such as a fire or theft.

Cargo Insurance Icon

Cargo insurance protects items transported by your business or for your business. A cargo policy can cover you in the event your cannabis product is lost, damaged or stolen while being loaded, transported, and unloaded. With a cargo policy you can get coverage for cannabis products transported by your operation, or as extra coverage for items transported by a hired company in case their insurance fails to cover the loss.

Crop Insurance Icon

Crop insurance - Cannabis crop insurance can help protect your business from financial loss if your crops are damaged or destroyed due to a problem covered by your policy, such as fire, theft or employee error.  Crop insurance is available for cannabis crops grown indoors in approved greenhouse facilities.  Coverage for outdoor crops is often unavailable or extremely limited.  Crop coverage applies to plants in the various growth stages from seed to finished stock.

Cyber Liability insurance Icon

Cyber Liability insurance provides coverage for legal expenses and other related costs due to cyber-attacks, hacking, data extortion, and data theft.

Directors and Officers Insurance Icon

Directors & Officers insurance protects the company, its executives, and its directors if someone sues the company and/or its leadership.  D&O coverage protects the personal assets of board members and management in the event they are sued for their management or mismanagement of the company.  Coverage also can include costs for producing books and records, expenses associated with mitigating reputational damage, and defense costs associated with bankruptcy.

gear and wrench

Equipment Breakdown insurance can help pay to repair or replace your cannabis business equipment and machinery due to problems like electrical shorts, mechanical failures, motor burnout and power surges.

General Liability

General Liability insurance typically covers bodily injury, property damage, personal and advertising injury, and medical payments for injury or damage caused to others, not including your Employees.  It also covers legal defense, judgments, and settlements if you are sued because of an accident.

Product Liability Insurance Icon

Product Liability insurance covers your legal defense costs if a product you grow, sell, manufacture, or distribute causes physical injury or illness to someone else.   This coverage can help mitigate loss due to product recall, malfunctions, or product defects.

Commercial Property Insurance Icon

Property insurance - If you own or lease property for your cannabis business, commercial property insurance can help protect your buildings and contents from physical damage due to events like fire, vandalism, and theft. It covers items such as inventory, tools, supplies, office furniture, computers, business papers and valuable records.

Workers Comp Insurance icon

Workers Compensation insurance is required in most states if your cannabis business has any employees (even if it’s only one).  Workers comp pays your employee lost wages, medical bills, disability benefits and other expenses (such as physical therapy) if they become injured or ill while performing work-related duties.

An integral part of our agency services includes a thorough review of all areas of our clients’ business operations so we can recommend risk mitigation strategies and insurance coverages to address state requirements.